Soy has become more widely adopted into some vegan and vegetarian diets. Instead, try this simple recipe that mimics the savory, meaty flavor of soy sauce: But, you also might’ve heard it can cause a plethora of problems including fatigue, digestive ills, weight gain, … The mean amount of … A new study may help scientists understand exactly how that weight loss happens. Diets & Weight Loss I am a vegetarian. A condiment common to Asian cuisine, soy sauce was discovered in China more than 2,500 years ago, according to manufacturer Kikkoman. I’ve been gaining weight and have been told by a nutritionist that the soy in my diet is acting as an endocrine blocker, not allowing the rest of my food to … Soy Sauce. Research shows that when soy consumption goes up, weight goes down. Soy sauce is extremely high in salt - in fact, just 1 tablespoon provides more than half of the daily 1,500 mg amount of sodium that the American Heart Association recommends! The most frequent sources of soy foods were not whole or minimally processed soy foods, but rather soy sauce, breakfast or diet drinks, tofu, diet bars, and soy protein isolate powder. Soy sauce adds a pungent, salty taste to your food, along with a … The reduced-sodium versions are still fairly high.