Distribution and habitat. Adult snowy egrets are entirely white apart from the yellow lores between the long black bill and the eye, black legs, and bright yellow feet. The snowy egret … It was sunny and not raining. … Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. They will remain motionless and wait for prey or shuffle feet to stir up prey. Immature snowy egrets have duller, greenish legs. Look for dark gray lores which will make the … Finding and identifying a Little Egret among Snowy Egrets … Snowy Egret Red Feet & Lores & Great Egret with Flowing Plumes Ibis Pond 2017! Back to Little Egret main page To find a Little Egret among Snowy Egrets: Look for long dangling head plumes (which all adult Little Egrets have, except when molting in fall, and all Snowy Egrets lack, except for a few rare individuals that may be hybrids). Snowy egrets primarily feed during the early morning and evening hours. Otherwise, egrets independently fly … If you observed you can see his Lores are a peachy color instead of yellow. The nape and neck bear long, shaggy plumes known as aigrettes. Egrets occasionally engage in group flights to fly to far-away foraging environments. It rains a lot here. I captured this at the Waterfront Park in North Charleston today. How to distinguish from a cattle egret: Larger than a cattle egret, During breeding, lores are red… Snowy egrets forage in mostly shallow water, eating crustaceans, mollusks, fish and small vertebrates.