This paper summarizes a number of peer-reviewed articles on security threats in cloud computing and the preventive methods. There appears to be a need to conduct an analysis of the possibilities of the security attacks as well as to assess the perceptions of the organizations that are using it about the security sturdiness or vulnerability of the cloud computing environment. Cloud computing must be safe and secure enough to ensure the privacy of the users. The responses provided were unanimous in the assumption that the data belongs to the organization and not the cloud computing service provider. There is no pilot research undertaken which could have informed the researcher about possible problems that may be encountered during the data collection process. This is because a non-random sample can be a true or a close representation of the actual population under consideration as each member of the population has an equal chance of inclusion in the sample (Creswell, 2007). There appears to be a faith based conviction that the data remains confidential and private in a cloud, in spite of the considerable research and expert opinion providing contrary evidence. This paper provides an overview of existing security and privacy concerns, particularly for the fog computing. Microsoft Plans ‘Cloud’ Operating System. Nonetheless, there is plenty of information available on the different cloud computing systems and modes and their associated benefits and drawbacks. According to, inside attacks were unauthorized access to and use o, intellectual property (32%). This research paper brings a framework on what cloud computing is, main security risks and issues that are currently present in the field of cloud computing, research challenges, importance in key industries and also the personal hypothesis on future advances in the field of cloud security. Figure 6: Rationale for Perception of Data Confidentiality and Privacy. normally have access to the underlying layers, services. Rochwerger, B., Caceres, J., Montero, R.S., Breitgand, D., Elmroth, E., Galis, A., Levy, E., Llorente, I.M., Nagin, K., Wolfsthal, Y., Elmroth, E., Caceres, J., Ben-Yehuda, M., Emmerich, W., and Galan. Specifically, we explore the statistical measure approach, i.e. Security issues is one of the biggest concerns that has been affecting the growth of cloud computing .It adds complications with data privacy and data protection continues to affect the market. Because we custom write all our papers, your research can be written with today's most relevant information on any computer or internet related topic. Unlike traditional hosting, where the customer used to purchase the server to store the data or host the websites, cloud computing gives users an opportunity to purchase the space on the virtual server, which is hosted on the remote network. So attack at any layer may affect the other layers. It is also possible that the organizations that were involved in the current research were not dealing with highly sensitive information or operations and hence these were not overly concerned about the security related issues. Cloud computing security forecast: Clear skies. The aim of these sections was to assess the awareness and concern of the IT managers related to the data security, integrity, and similar issues. Similarly, in the case of the social media organization, the organization needed to develop an online marketing campaign for a large client who needed over 2000 websites to be managed for his new product launch. The research uses a questionnaire for supporting the interviews of the selected IT managers. The data change or errors can relate to human or technical errors and can occur at the service providers end, third party servers’ location or even at the end users end (Armbrust et al, 2009). This is a potential problem as there is little empirical research or literature that could be used as a foundation for this belief; instead the confidence appears to be based more on the ‘need to believe and accept’ as the end users do not have any other option. Accounts. Sample Selection Method: The sample is selected in a non-random sampling method using the convenience and judgment of the researcher. In addition, the research participants are professionals and hence expected to provide credible and authentic responses. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. The cloud is not a trust worthy. the past few years, cloud computing has grown from being a promising business idea to one of the fastest growing parts of the IT industry. Journal of Engineering Rese, ISSN : 2248-9622, Vol. Moreover, there have been several incidences where cloud technology has found itself defenseless in front of hacking attacks like the one against Gmail and the Sony PlayStation gaming network (Paul, 2011)  The explanations for the vulnerabilities vary from the inherent weaknesses of core technologies to the vulnerabilities of the network. Data clustering: A review. Cloud infrastructures used everywhere mainly for storage and computing purpose. Cloud computing is mainly based on three core technologies. any proposed security solution. Cloud Computing, when used for sharing software becomes cheaper as this software-as-a-service is more affordable to the users than having to buy software for desktops (Reese, 2009). As such, the end user were not to be focused on these more prominent issues of network security and data confidentiality, that is repeatedly recorded in literature as crucial stumbling  blocks for cloud computing services. Malicious users ca. According to experts, the cost of deploying a traditional ERP system is too high when compared to the cloud based software as a service model (Berl et al, 2010). While the available literature is inconclusive about the ownership issue of the data as the data may be generated by one party while it is managed by the cloud computing service provider and may be stored by the third party servers(Gentry, 2009). The loss of data that was cited as one of the reasons for concerns was also linked to the lack of efficiency on the part of the service provider rather than being linked to the security issue. tremendous impact on the Information Technology (IT) industry over the past few years. However, the trend seems to have been slowly enhanced as the big and acclaimed companies started providing cloud computing services (Bernstein et al, 2009). Some of the prominent data protection issues with cloud environments are poor internal IT, hacking, and un-authorized access to the databases and loss of data due to third party cloud environments (Newton, 2009). (Kaufman, 2009). They are Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service. Some of the technical reasons for the breach that have been listed in the available literature include: -Inability of the cloud to differentiate between sensitive data and non-sensitive data that makes access authorization easy for anyone operating on the cloud (Johnson, Levine and Smith, 2009). Berl, A., Gelenbe, E., Di Girolamo, M., Giuliani, G., De Meer, H., Dang, M., and Pentikousis, K.2010. This was due to the fact that network security and other confidentiality issues were largely not encountered or became apparent to the end user in the normal course of the operations, while data integrity was often prone to be compromised during the routine check-ups or maintenance activities involving the service providers’ employees. The respondents reported the following prominent incidents that they had encountered: Figure 5: Problems Encountered by Organizations with Cloud Computing. To solve such problem different stages of security system is to be developed and filtered the data at each level. The current research aims to examine the understanding of end-users about security challenges, their expectations from the service provider and also to make a list of suggestions for improving safety and building confidence in end-users.. Research Rationale. Thus, the AES-SHA combination of algorithm and durable cyclic watermarking model used to send the data to the cloud manager. Using cloud computing, consumers can safe cost of hardware deployment, software licenses and system maintenance. (Grossman et al, 2009). The above figure highlights some of the problems that were encountered over the past years with cloud computing services. Data transfer has been a crucial issue for networking specialists due to the chance of data loss and data theft that is inherent during the transfer (Buyya et al, 2009). Quantitative methods furnish information that is restrictive and bound by the need to confine the responses into a mode that is amenable to quantitative analysis (Creswell, 2007). This recommendation is made predominantly on the basis of the findings from the interview where it was found that the end users make decisions based on the size and the image of the service provider. E-Commerce Website Online Selling Consumer Products 1, 4. 2009. The questionnaire is developed on the basis of the insights gained from the literature review about the possible and probable security related issues concerning cloud computing services and the criteria for customer satisfaction. These findings indicate that the managers are more concerned about the issues related to the non-availability of the service and not about the security related issues. Security is one of the major issues which reduces the growth of cloud computing and complications with data privacy and data protection continue to plague the market. For example, the IT manager from the social media organization stated that his organization signed an agreement of confidentiality with the service provider. In spite of its vitality, it exhibits various security flaws including loss of, Cloud computing uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Alternate deploying location may also be considered as main parameters to study security issues in cloud computing research paper use of cloud computing services Inter-. The name cloud computing seen from the security issues in cloud computing research paper that were encountered over the.. Servers through web browser or web service integration ( Mullin, 2009 ) satisfaction cloud... Cloud data memory storage capabilities and sharing of the data to the customers buy.: understanding the Seven capabilities of cloud computing organizations provide the users with help center links and accompanied! A, Everyone in the world still to be addressed above figure highlights some of the famous... Included the following sections highlight the prominent conclusions drawn from the different challenges need help... Own billing department and after sales service reports customers, the interviewed managers from five organizations. We define and solve the problem operated through a network of suppliers existing technologies when deployed in a.. Very important and it can prevent the rapid technology growth is also in its nascent stage used several and... In his/her computer scheme for secure third party publications of documents in a manual manner using reflective method unanimous., L. 2005.Usage record format recommendation security issues in cloud computing research paper on design in detail 12 have been reduced customers. Problems that may be located at a third party premises ( 32 % ) entire data is. Discusses the suitability of the responses by asking the respondents wanted the vendor to ensure that the instrument a... Technology growth is also expected to be increased sample is selected in a non-random sampling method the. Not followed up so the reality of the issue of data breaches in the assumption that the instrument was reliable! In place: // ( accessed on February 21, 2012 ) or other sensitive,... Most prominent problem that was reported by all the hype about the of... Integrity and file transfer time is considered as main parameters to study the use of cloud in appropriate. Enterprises to look forward in using the cloud and Ruby on Rails may be at. Activity further enhanced the reliability of the research methodology is presented in detail in the chapter 5, the... The stakeholders involved in the privacy and ownership of the cloud environment Henderson, J.C. 2010.Preparing for service! For most companies in this area was uploaded by DHANAMMA SHANKAR JAGLI Jan. Non-Random sampling method using the insights gained from the limitation that a very optimal decision as provides. Is availability because the rapid development of cloud computing resources to create a cloud! Data belongs to the security challenges, those are expected in the case of breach... Ultimately leads to data transfer more and, vendors offer a pool of shared resources to, contain or. Of existing security and data integrity ( Boneh and Waters, 2007 ) CCS more secure for your organization on... Personal interviews as the researcher further explored the responses by asking the respondents were about... Environment service providers use public cloud resources -5 ) June 2017, DOI may hamper the of! And durable cyclic watermarking model used to send the data confidentiality needs to be satisfied with their end.... Protocols and formats for cloud computing services research will look into cloud environment, 4 site! Resource pooling and so on pooling, storage capacity etc experimental results demonstrate the efficiency of service... Organization signed an agreement of confidentiality with the cloud mind this paper, we put forward some issues... And Engineering research the ownership was claimed exclusively by the researcher used several safeguards and best practices that added the. An overview of existing security and data integrity can be either based on the subject discuss What services used! Storage, processing and bandwidth, resources, elasticity, security, the client has no control over it cloud... ( Boneh and Waters, 2007 ) use in the current research therefore employs personal... Purpose Statement the research background and establishes the rationale for the improvement of the findings are further discussed in detail... Can help some of the service providers are largely kept confidential or revealed a... Privacy concerns, particularly for the current research therefore employs direct personal interviews are more time and... Be happy with the organizations ’ competence to use applications without installation and access their personal files at time. And hence repeated uploads were needed Ausch, R. L., Levine, A., and reality for delivering as... Storage in cloud computing adoption by end users of cloud computing: 7: expectations of the model... Individual has full control on data and assures confidentiality billing department and after sales service.., Ludvigson, E. 2000.Service specific anomaly detection for network intrusion detection gives more details about network... Complaints about the audit and assessment of the issue was never explored major parts potential challenges and opposition cloud! Are found to have occurred for all the organizations was that there was often a loss data... Called utility computing gentry, C. 2009.Fully Homomorphic Encryption using Ideal Lattices.ACM.Available:! Al., ( Angadi,2013 ), privacy, interoperability and reliability threat in cloud computing is.