Find A10 hero cordless vacuum at Tineco A10 Hero Review 0 0 0 s2smodern Details Saturday, 20 October 2018 Click to see on Amazon Avg. A10 hero is a lightweight and powerful suction cordless stick vacuum. Tineco A11 Buy the A10 today if you’re in the market for an affordable stick and cordless vacuum. For a full breakdown of the features and benefits of the A10 check out our full Tineco A10 review here. I hope that my Tineco A10 review helps you see why this beats the Tineco A11 Master and similar vacuums from Dyson. Even if we do not consider the brand’s claim, as long as the filter is HEPA, it is certified safe for allergic users. Tineco, however, claims that this particular cordless vacuum will trap 99.99% of the contaminants in the air. The dust collection bin on the A10 is smaller as well at 0.4 liters instead of the 0.6 liters included with the A11. Product Review: The A10 Hero cordless vacuum cleaner is the entry-level model from Tineco, a relatively new brand to the UK. Tineco A11 Master Review A powerful and flexible cordless vacuum cleaner, the Tineco A11 Master has some neat tricks including a smart filter cleaner that … どこの国のメーカーかというと、中国メーカーであろうと推測されます。 アマゾンでTineco A10 Heroという製品が販売されているのですが、カスタマー Q&Aに「原産国はどこのですか?」という質問が有り、中国製との回答がありました。 Free shipping & free 2 year warranty. It has a similar look and spec to older cordless Dysons, such as the V7 and V8 series, but is 350W Impressive Motor Power Brushless Motor provides ultra-quiet powerful Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, A10 Hero Lite/Spartan, Stick Handheld Vacuum Great for Pet Hair Hardwood Floor Carpet, Lightweight Powerful Suction with Rechargeable This is because the Tineco A10 Hero has a HEPA filtration system.