11 2 5006 vegetation Plantae 11 2 5943 estuarine mud crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii 11 2 0841 unidentified amphipod Amphipoda spp. The combination of its trophic position and abundance makes the diet and ration of this fish important in the study of estuarine systems. Along the U.S. Atlantic coast, bay anchovy Anchoa mitchilli form an important component of estuarine and coastal food webs. Decapods occurred in nearly 83% of red drum stomachs ... (Anchoa mitchilli), hardhead catfish (Arius felis), mullet (Mugil spp. The bay anchovy is … diet and conducted a second series of surveys (spatial surveys). Fish were rarely found in the stomachs of YOY striped bass (3.8%F) but included bay anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli), Atlantic silversides (Menidia menidia), and American sand lance (Ammodytes americanus). 9 2 0103 bay anchovy Anchoa mitchilli 14 3 5000 unidentified fish Actinopterygii 12 3 0673 unidentified crustacean Crustacea 11 2 0694 amphipod (Gammarus spp.) The fall diet of red drum was dominated primarily by decapod crustaceans with teleost fishes being of secondary importance. ), least puffer Gammarus spp. The spatial surveys targeted the eggs and adult prey of the bay anchovy Anchoa mitchilli (family Engraulidae), but also generated egg data for the less abundant striped anchovy A. hepsetus.